What quiets your soul?

You know yourself…you have an addictive personality, certain things in addition to lust and pornography are difficult for you to stop doing. Maybe you are emotional, having ups as intense as your downs, leading you to revel in your misery for days.

Whenever I sense a mood swing heading my way, if I am lucky or discerning enough to catch it, I turn to the book of Psalms. Lately I have begun memorizing chapters in this book, and writing them down several times. This week, I’m focusing on Psalm 20. It’s short and easy to understand! Christ wants victory for you and me, he wants to give us plans for our success, and purity. He wants to answer our distress and send us help from the sanctuary!

Keep persevering, and make it difficult for Satan to have a stronghold on you. Ask for strength, and in HIS name break the chains that have enslaved you. Victory is yours!

You are His anointed!

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