Resting in His Presence.

Why do we read the Word of God?
I had a realization this week. I woke up at 6AM and went into my backyard and sat, reading. I felt so refreshed, renewed and joyful, my day was completely focused on glorifying Him, and there was a peace about everything. I realized ws that there is no competition! Whether it is in reading the Bible as EARLY as possible, or as MUCH as possible, or even in comparing how many points you can discover or take from the passage. It is simply resting in His presence, and seeing who He is from the word. I have been caught up in the raging-battle side of my faith, that I haven’t taken a step to retreat and enjoy Him in the midst of everything.

How will you enjoy His presence today? It can be with stillness, prayer, praise, a fellowship meeting, or a memorization, at your own pace. God’s waiting for you to slow down and meet Him.


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